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Fast Times at Farmington May 21st

Wow, what a Great event we had despite the weather.
Saturday night we had a great turnout of campers and vendors, enjoying the evening with friends, setting up their spot and just relaxing before Sunday.
As the Sun began to try and peak out through the clouds Sunday morning, VW Enthusiasts were already on their way. But as you know, that Sun wasn't seen much at all. Drizzle
to a slow steady rain, to no rain, but the temp was just right! This didn't stop you guys from coming out by any means. The racers still came out in hopes that the rain would pass and we could get them down the track, but mother nature just said no. So those guys just enjoyed their time looking through the swap meet,
show area or just to set back and relax. We would like to thank those guys for making the trip, even with knowing that there may be a chance that they can't race.
The swap meet area had over 60 new and used parts, which was quite busy all day long. There were 115 in the show car area, which is only down by maybe 30 or so from any other Farmington event.
We would like to thank the swap meet folks for working with us on our rearrangements of the area to help accommodate everyone. To all the clubs, VW enthusiast that came out even through heavy rain just to be there. To our Judges, Tim Hayes, Sheila & Michael Peckinpaugh for going with what we gave them and getting the area judged faster and more precise. To our Family, friends & volunteers, that helped us organize getting the registration done, selling shirts, parking show cars
and the swap area, THANK YOU!
      The most important people to Thank is YOU! YOU are the ones that help make the event what it is. Without YOU, this wouldn't be possible. We hope you enjoy the PASSION we put into these events to keep them going year to year. We are VW Enthusiasts as well and want to see it last for a long time.
If there are any questions, comments or suggestions, lets hear them! We will be getting the results and photos online soon, so stay tuned. If you have some to share, please share them here. If you are on Instagram, tag us @SEVWA1 we would love to see them and share with our followers.

Big Bug Shootout #13 Results

   We had a Beautiful day for the event! The overall turnout for the event was a good one, with over 25 new and used parts vendors were in attendance. Which is more then we have ever had there. The show car area, still is just not going well as we only had 40 in the show, with others just parked there. Is there something keeping you from showing, or would you rather see us change that area around? The Racing was Hot this day as we had around 45 VW racers out and about. We have noticed in the last few races that our attendance is increase on that end.

     Show & Race Results have been posted. CLICK HERE for the rundown. Do you have any suggestions' or comments? Don't be shy, please let us know. SEVWA POINTS WILL BE UPDATED SOON.

Silver Dollar Showdown Results

We would like to thank everyone for coming out to the event. We had a beautiful day! Our racer count was up from previous years, but the spectator count was way down.

For Complete results CLICK HERE

Super Pro Winner: David Wegner
Runner-up: Michael Hall
Pro Winner: Nancy Heaton
Runner-up: Daniel Sturgill
Sportsman Winner: Carla Hollings
Runner-up: Rick Laws
Congratulations to everyone! First time to have two women to win at an event!
Points will be updated and posted later this week.


THE 2017 SCHEDULE has been posted! CLICK HERE for details

Our 2017 SEVWA Tour shirt design is here, featuring our 2016 Champions or co-champions! These will be available for purchase at next event or you can purchase them online as well. Colors are Black and Navy, $15 each sizes S-4XL.

 email us at SEVWA@SEVWA.COM(Subject: SEVWA Tour shirt) if you are interested in placing an order. Or you can go to our store and purchase them for pickup at the event or to be mailed. CLICK HERE 


Would you like to be a Sponsor?
We are gearing up for our new 2017 season and looking for Sponsors/advertisers for our events. This is just not one event, but 8 ! One price for a whole year of advertising. For more info, take a look at the link below. If you need to talk to one of us, no worries, just give us a call or email. We want to help you advertise your business!  



Congratulations to our 2016 Champions!

We crowned our Champions at our Season Finale in Mocksville, NC on Oct 16th. What a race it was! It was all about going rounds at this last race for some folks. Pro class had 3 within reach of taking the Title, but all 3 went out first round! So for the first time, we had to split the purse and the Championship. Since 2 of them went to all the races, they both got 5 extra points. Super Pro had many on their toes, but in the end Ken Overstreet won the race and got third in points. What a GREAT way to start your retirement! Sportsman class, well it was a run for the 2nd and

3rd positions, since the leader had a good distance of a lead that no one could catch up to at once race.

All in all we had a great season! We couldn't have done it without all of our sponsors and You the Racers.

Already looking forward to 2017. If you or someone you know would like to help Sponsor SEVWA for 2017, just let us know. You can also look at the sponsor link to the left of the screen for all the info.

Over $5000 was given out in cash and prizes to our Champions. Congratulations to everyone.
 Super Pro
Winner: Bob Hill
Runner-up: TIE  Trent Brown & Ken Overstreet
Winner: TIE  Daniel Sturgill  & Joe Shea
3rd: David Young
Winner: Trey Sikes
Runner-up: Michael Broadway

3rd: Rick Laws


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